How to Open a Daycare in North Carolina

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Due to its growing population, North Carolina has a large demand for quality daycare centers. A daycare center in this state offers significant potential for growth and development. You must meet certain requirements for daycare licensing. Once you fulfill child care regulations, you are on your way to opening a daycare in North Carolina.

Making Contact

Call the North Carolina (NC) Division of Child Development at 800-859-0829 or 919-662-4499, and request the Basic Information for Potential Providers booklet, which is free of charge. This particular booklet outlines the state standards. Follow-up with your local county or city government to see if they have other requirements you need to fulfill.

Potential Providers Booklet

Locate the registration form for the Prelicensing Workshop in the Potential Providers booklet. The workshop is mandatory, and it covers a variety of topics such as building site selection, necessary inspections and caregiving requirements.

Registration and Workshop

Submit your registration form and the workshop fee. At the workshop, you will receive a copy of the Child Care Handbook, which is a resource on NC licensing requirements. After you attend the workshop and have read the Potential Providers booklet, the licensing supervisor will assign a consultant to you. The consultant will conduct the pre-licensing visits for your daycare center.

Pre-licensing Visit

Schedule pre-licensing visits with the assigned consultant in your area. He will detail the licensing requirements to you, help you complete the applications, and answer any questions you may have about opening a daycare facility.

Schedule Inspections

Locate the contact numbers online for your particular city or town for the building, fire and sanitation inspectors. Schedule the inspections for your daycare location.

Background Checks

Complete the criminal record and background check for yourself and all employees. The criminal record and background check is a key part of the application process. After you meet all the requirements, the Division of Child Development will issue a license to you.