How to Become a Unity Church Ordained Minister

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Unity Church embraces a progressive interfaith approach to Christianity. Considered part of the New Thought movement, Unity accepts and teaches the “universal truths in all religions.” Train in Unity teachings, which emphasize diversity in all aspects of ministry. Examine your calling to Unity ministry and apply to follow the Primary Unity Ministry Ordination Path. Attend Unity Urban or Unity Institute’s Ministry and Religious Studies Programs to become an ordained minister in the church.

Fulfill the prerequisites to apply to the Unity Ministry Path. Show proof that you have a Bachelor’s degree. Complete a minimum of 12 core SEE Spiritual Education and Enrichment courses, which include Biblical studies, metaphysics and prayer studies. Study online or at Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Submit two applications to begin the process for Unity ordination. Apply for the ordination path specifically by requesting an application from the Unity Registrar’s office at [email protected]. Submit a second application to Unity Institute’s academic M&RS program.

Contact the credentialing registrar for the Association of Unity Churches International or at [email protected] Interview for admission to the Unity ordination path.

Association of Unity Churches International P.O. Box 610 Lee’s Summit, MO 64063 816-524-7414 extension 6834

Study in the Master of Divinity, 90-credit hour program from which you will earn a degree. Complete the 127 continuing education units, Diploma in Unity Ministry program, which provides a certificate of completion.