How to Plan a 15-Year Wedding Anniversary Party

The traditional anniversary gift for the 15th wedding anniversary is crystal. This is a great starting point as you plan a 15th wedding anniversary for a very special couple. Of course, gifts are only one way to mark a special occasion. Anniversaries are more about celebrating the passing of time, remembering the past, and looking forward to the future. Honor the couple with these party plan ideas.

Decide on the type of celebration. Does the couple prefer an elegant dinner or a fun backyard barbeque? Will you have just family, or invite friends as well?

If a big party is being planned, you will need to get invitations made and in the mail. You may wish to follow up with a phone call.

Once you have decided on the type and size of the party, you could plan it around a theme. Recognize what is important to the couple. Do they love the outdoors? Would they rather take a cruise or a hike? Perhaps they have a special interest such as dancing or gardening. Think about their favorite things and include them in your ideas.

Find decorations that work with your theme. If it is a big party, are you including games and/or entertainment? You may wish to recruit family or friends who can act out some fun skits of things the couple has done.

With the 15th gift idea being crystal, you could create a beautiful crystal-themed party. Set the tables with crystal glassware. Put candles in crystal candlesticks. You could even scatter some crystal glitter on the table.

Include pictures of the couple in your decorations. The wedding photo and a current shot are thoughtful. Maybe some of their favorite pictures could decorate the room.

Plan the activities. If it's a big party, are you including games or entertainment? You could have formal entertainment such as an orchestral quartet or a pianist. If it is a casual cook out, how about some yard games?

The food will need to fit the party. A formal, sit-down dinner should have a main course that is well liked by most, but the menu should include an alternative item for those who have specific dietary limits or desires, such as low salt or vegetarian. Backyard barbeques can easily include hot dogs, burgers, chips and traditional picnic favorites.