Beverage Fountain Drink Ideas


Punch bowls are a staple of every party. Everyone either owns one or knows someone who owns one. So, nobody will think a punch bowl is unique or creative. If you want your party to stand out, buy or rent a beverage fountain. It serves as a practical drink serving method and is a stunning decoration. Some fountains even have different colored lights to highlight your drink table and make it look like a work of art.


Use a soda fountain to serve punch for your event. Instead of a punch bowl, allow the punch to trickle from layer to layer in your drink fountain. A bright colored red or purple punch will be appealing to the eye, or you can make a punch that matches the color scheme of your event. Guests can simply hold their cups beneath a spout to refill their glasses, so the table around your fountain will stay neat. If you don't have a punch recipe, you can find a recipe online at places like or


Use a drink fountain to serve champagne to your guests. Set up dishes next to the fountain with strawberries and maraschino cherries that complement the flavor off the champagne. Guests can either add the fruit to their glass, or eat the fruit while drinking the champagne to enhance the taste.


Sangria is another great beverage to serve in a drink fountain. Mix the ingredients for Sangria, which mainly consists of red or white whine, sugar, club soda, and brandy, and add the mixture to the fountain. Set a few cups aside in a bowl or container. Then cut up pieces of fruit such as apples and oranges, and soak them in the liquid you set aside. You can allow the fruit to float in the fountain as long as there's no risk of the fruit clogging the spouts. You could also serve the fruit in a bowl on the side still soaking in the sangria so guests can add it after they've filled their glass.


Margaritas are a party favorite, so you can serve this drink in a fun way as well. It's best to serve margaritas on the rocks, instead of frozen margaritas, so that the mixture doesn't melt or get watered down. Set up the table with glasses, a dish of water and rock salt so guests can salt the rim of their glass, and olives, limes, and any other garnish you want to offer.