Centerpiece Ideas for Men

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The right centerpiece offers itself as a conversational piece and a point of visual pleasure for guests. Each centerpiece for every occasion should be appropriate for not only the guests, but also the occasion and the host. The traditional centerpiece is one of beauty and charm, but for a man's party, this delicate nature may find itself odd and out of place. Make centerpieces for men fit the "manly man" attitude.

Bucket Of Beer

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For a bachelor, sports-related or man's birthday party, remove the flowers from the table and choose a substitution in the form of a bucket of beer. Use a tin milk bucket or a smaller metal bucket from a craft store. Select a variety of beer in 12-ounce bottles or a favorite brand of the guest of honor. Use as many bottles as will fit in the bucket without falling out. Tie a red or blue ribbon around the neck of each bottle and arrange them in the bucket. Place ice in the bottom of the bucket if you wish the guest to consume the centerpiece. Place small confetti pieces around the beer in the bucket to fill in the area. Decorate the bucket with sports stickers or paint a favorite teams logo on the side.


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For the sports lover, turn a team helmet into a table centerpiece. For the baseball fan, use a batting helmet. For a football fan, choose a helmet with his favorite team's logo on the side. Hockey and race fans are also in luck for helmet decorations. Place the helmet on a large serving style platter and place confetti or crafting stars in a favorite teams colors around the edges. Place small plastic items related to the sport around the helmet. For example, surround a baseball batting helmet with miniature bats and balls. Prepare hors d'oeuvres, such as cheese and crackers or peanuts to fill in around the miniatures. Move this centerpiece from the dinner table to the coffee table as the party moves to game watching or conversation.

Let There Be Fire

An ancient legend tells of primal man discovering fire. The sophisticated male may enjoy sipping brandy with his colleagues, while discussing matters of the world. Combine these polar opposite pieces of male legend into a centerpiece. Decorate a bottle of fine brandy with small ribbons around the neck. Create candles, by pouring wax and adding a wick to four small brandy glasses. Pour the candles to fill the glass almost to the top. Place the brandy bottle and the glasses on a tea serving or other metal tray. Surround the bottle with the candles and light when the guests arrive. Put snacks including chocolate pieces and small cookies on the tray between the candles. Use the guest of honor's favorite treats if possible.