Prize & Gift Ideas for a Casino Theme Party

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Casino parties let you enjoy the kitsch and atmosphere of a casino without the loss of cash. To replace the thrills and motivation of high-stakes gambling, give guests prizes or gifts to celebrate wins, or just as tokens of the night's entertainment. Keep a gift stash of toys, games and good-luck charms to enhance your casino night.

Poker Sets

Complete poker sets (double decks of cards and full sets of chips in a single round plastic holder) make a good medium-level door prize or centerpiece gift, especially for someone who's interested in mastering poker and is in need of the supplies to get started.

Clay Chips

For more serious poker aficionados, high-quality clay poker chips represent a major upgrade in quality from the cheaper and more common plastic chips. Give a set of these as a major prize, especially if the prize is for the winner of a poker tournament.

Pocket Slot Machine

Pocket slot machines are gray-display digital games with one or more slot-machine or other casino games programmed for play. These games are sold in toy stores, board game stores and some electronics retailers.

Casino Board Game Kits

Most casino games can be found in board game versions, with some boxed sets including several games in one. Purchase these to use as a big prize where board games are sold.

Dice Sets

Dice sets are a gift or prize that you can give as a small or large gift, depending on the quality of the dice you give. Basic plastic dice sets are inexpensive and readily available, while high-quality dice (such as gold- or silver-plated, or carved stone) make a good premium prize.

Mini Card Decks

Miniature decks of cards are an inexpensive, small gift that you can give to every one of your guests, if you like. Miniature cards are usually about 2 inches by 1 inch and are sold in toy stores, party stores and imports catalogs.

Toy Roulette Wheels

Straddling the line between usable casino toys and gag gifts, toy plastic roulette wheels are made by a variety of manufacturers and tend to be as serious and high-quality as their price tags are high. Choose a tacky, funny plastic wheel (sometimes sold with plastic play money for “gambling”) or a fully-functional, high-quality miniature wheel, depending on what kinds of prizes you need.

Good-Luck Charms

Luck and superstition are an important part of the casino culture. Give game winners traditional good-luck charms, like rabbits' feet, or jewelry shaped like shamrocks or horseshoes.