Raffle Game Ideas for Kids

raffle tickets image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

Raffle games are fun for children as a party game, and they also have the potential to raise a hefty amount for charity events. The expense of hosting a raffle game is almost zero. Most often, when adults know that a raffle is being held, they will offer to contribute baskets or things to add to the reward. Whether your child's party is just a small birthday event or a large fundraiser, there are raffle games to match every type of event.

Theme Trays

Theme trays are literally trays that contributors to a raffle can place items of the same theme on, and then wrap it in shrink wrap or plastic basket wrap as a prize giveaway. If the party or fundraiser is for a group of young girls, a tray of Barbie-related items may make a great theme tray, where as if the event consists of little boys, a Hot Wheels theme tray may attract many tickets. Pre-teen girls might enjoy a nail kit, while pre-teen boys might gravitate toward age-appropriate video games. The kids will place their tickets into the raffle cup placed next to (or in front of) the theme tray they most want, and wait to see if their ticket number is called as the winner.

Gift Cards

Place gift cards from various kid-friendly stores in decorative boxes, leaving one side of the box open for viewing. Shrink-wrap around the box is a great way to ensure that the gift card stays intact and yet visible. Kids can drop their tickets into the cups nearby the gift cards that they are most interested in winning, and wait to see if their number is drawn.

Gift Baskets

The traditional concept of gift baskets is timeless. If the event will consist of many children of all different ages, create gift baskets with a variety of items for all ages. One basket might contain cologne and other toiletries that teenage boys would be interested in, while another could have baby-themed bottles, toys, cups and bibs. Even if a basket contains only one item (such as a board game or baby doll), the children can see the items in the basket and place their tickets accordingly.