Gifts for Men Over 60

Men in their sixties may have retired from paid employment; some are trying to balance work, family and extracurricular activities. When thinking of gifts for the over-60 gentleman, consider his hobbies and ones he may want to pursue now that he has some free time on his hands.

The Active Man over 60

With less time to stress over work, a man in his sixties sometimes has more time to exercise. If he has a gym membership, get him some running socks, shorts, a sweat band or some workout gloves. If he has an iPod or MP3 player, get him an arm attachment. He can listen to music while exercising. If he enjoys cycling or wants to start, get him accessories like a helmet, shorts and a water bottle.

For the sportsman, see what interests him most. If he's a golfer, get him balls, shoes or tees (or, if it's in your budget, a club or bag). If he loves being out on the tennis court, get him a bag, balls, sweat band or wrist band. If he enjoys bowling, give him a bag, bowling ball or shoes. If he likes being near the water and fishing, get him some necessities like a basket, bait, fish scales, lures, scaling knife, bait, waders, a rod or a hat.

For the man who enjoys traveling or wants to travel, get him tickets to the destination of his choice. Make sure he has everything he needs for his trip, such as a briefcase, cabin case on wheels, passport wallet, suitcase and a travel guide. If he enjoys alternative travel and your budget allows, get him hot air ballooning tickets, a scenic flight or a flight in a glider or an antique/fighter plane.

For that handyman over 60 who may have a cabin or shed in his backyard, you cannot go wrong with items such as a drill set, drill bit set, hammer, saw, screwdriver set, tool belt, tool box, wire cutters and wrench.

Some men over 60 with more time on their hands like tending to the garden, If they spend a lot of time hedge trimming, lawn mowing and pushing the wheelbarrow, get him a blower vac, fertilizer, fork, safety glasses or a shovel.

Leisure activities

Board games are a nice gift, and come in handy when family comes to visit. Classics like Chess, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are among safe bets, as are sets of playing cards.

If he enjoys computer-related activities, get him some head phones, memory stick and software (you may need to show him how to work some things, as some older people are not as technologically savvy as the younger generation). If he shows an interest in video games, get him some interactive games to play for the time grandchildren come to visit and want to play with grandpa..

If he's a die-hard sports fan (not uncommon for men in their 60s), get him tickets to the sporting event of his choice, or a DVD highlighting important games that he has fond memories of from back in his youth. If he's a movie buff, take him to a night out at the movies or get him some DVDs of classic cinema or television he may enjoy for at-home viewing. If he does not have a great chair, get him a nice recliner and a side table, which is convenient for an older gentleman when he's sitting in the living room and watching TV.

The man over 60 has plenty of time to eat. Bring him to his favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. If he likes to do his own cooking, fill his kitchen with essential food, ingredients and tools he will need to for his gourmet kitchen or barbecue station.


Give a sweater, polo shirt or trousers to a man over 60. Maybe he frequents fancy restaurants or events with his wife or companion. A a nice new shirt, tie or cuff links may come in handy. For the outdoorsy man over 60, get him a casual jacket, shorts, overalls, sandals or crocs; he also could use accessories like a hat, cap, scarf, gloves or a backpack.

Regarding underwear apparel, keep it simple by getting him boxer shorts, briefs or socks. You do not want to offend a man in his 60s by giving him outlandish, sexy underwear that might make him blush (unless you know that he in fact likes that kind of stuff).

For the active man over 60 who dives into the pool, make sure he has a swimsuit, snorkel set, surf ski, sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel. For the winter months, make sure he's kept warm with a scarf, woolen cap, gloves, waterproof pants, snow boots, ski boots, thick socks or thermal underwear.