Fun Things to Talk About with Friends

Group of men laughing

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Your friends are coming over and you want to be well prepared with tapas, drinks and, of course, fun things to discuss. Time spent with friends is good for your physical and emotional well-being because it increases happiness. Engaging in fun conversation with your comrades is also a great way to relax and unwind from life's everyday stresses.

Romantic Relationships

Whether your friends are single or married, you can discuss matters relating to romantic relationships, provided the topics are fun and lighthearted. Single friends may discuss bizarre dates that they've been on or some of the funniest pick-up lines they've heard or said to others. Married friends aren't without their own humorous stories from their marriage or even their dating life before tying the knot. Take care not to turn the conversation into a gender-bashing session, which would take the fun out of the discussion. It's also important to be sensitive to your friends' situations. If someone recently went through a breakup, talking about relationships could be upsetting.

Interesting Memories

Share a few interesting memories to set the tone for a fun discussion among friends. Discuss things like your most bizarre childhood career aspirations or exotic travel experiences. If you've shared interesting experiences with one another, you can recall those memories as well. Taking a trip down memory lane provides an opportunity to form a stronger bond with your friends.

Gossip and Controversial Stories

If you and your friends like to gossip every now and again, start a lively discussion about celebrity happenings. You can dish on the latest couples and splits, celeb pregnancies and upcoming movies starring your favorite actors. If your friends aren't big fans of gossip, discuss controversial issues happening in politics or the media, as long as the discussion remains cordial. You can also keep it light with topics like wearing white after Labor Day or white versus red wine. Everyone has an opinion, but you won't end up with hurt feelings if you disagree on those lighthearted "controversial" topics.

Bucket List

A fun topic of discussion with friends is your bucket lists or the things that you and your friends want to do in your lifetime. Take turns sharing and comparing items for bucket lists while learning more about one another in the process. You may find yourselves inspired to start checking items off your bucket list. You may even be able to cross off something with a friend if you both have the same experience on your list.


Favorite sports players and teams always seem to make it into the conversation. Watch a game together and follow it up with a discussion about various aspects of the game. Expand the conversation by including sports trivia or interesting facts about different teams and players. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, carry the discussion outside and engage in a friendly competition with a football or other sports equipment.