How to Word a Co-Ed Baby Shower Invitation

Co-ed baby showers have become popular over the years. Many husbands wish to be a part of the baby shower and often times feel left out when they are not invited. It is important to include the husband in the baby shower invitations when throwing a co-ed baby shower to ensure that he feels involved. Consider inviting other male friends and encourage your girlfriends to bring their significant others to the event. Although you may have to tailor the games to suit everyone, inviting your husband and other male friends to the shower is a rewarding experience.

Begin the invitation with the parents' names and an opening congratulatory line. Co-ed baby showers typically are informal, and you can play around with the wording to suit the theme of your shower. The introduction to the invitation usually begins with a line such as “Amy's and Keith’s baby is on the way, let’s help them prepare for their big day” or “Let’s shower Stacy and Matt with our best wishes and congratulations on their new baby.” Insert the name of the baby, if the parents have already picked it out.

Insert a small introduction to the baby shower. After you introduce the parents and their new expected baby, you need to invite the guests to attend the event. Use phrases like “You’re invited to a baby shower,” “Please join us for a couples baby shower” or “We wish to invite you to attend a baby shower.” The idea is to extend an invitation and include the name of the event.

Inform the guests of the date, time and address. Dedicate the next three lines to the important details. Write the date out, e.g. March 21, 2012, instead of using abbreviations. Make sure you include an address with key elements to help your guests find the location such as “turn right by St. Luke’s church.” This will make your guests feel more comfortable about finding the location. When combing these three elements an invitation may read “On March 21, 2012 at 6 p.m. located at the Elks Club which is adjacent to the Olive Garden on Davis Street.”

Add any further details. Most shower invitations include the locations of where the mother is registered. Since this is a co-ed invitation, use wording such as “they are registered at Macy’s and Target,” or “the parents are registered at K-mart.” You can let guests know the theme of the shower in the section as well, by stating, “Laura and Sam have chosen a Jungle theme for the shower.”

Include the last line of the invitation with the name of your host and RSVP information. Give the guests appropriate corresponding information. The invitation may read “Please RSVP to Susan and Jenny by calling (insert phone number).” If you are not comfortable with guests calling, include an email address such as “RSVP to Jill by emailing her at (insert email address).”

Address the envelopes with the parents' return address. Make sure you include both of their names in the return address, and include the couples' names on the addresses if you are inviting male guests.