How Soon Do You Send Out Baby Shower Invitations?

Sending baby shower invitations out too close to its date may mean that many of the invitees have previous engagements. Sending them out too early, however, runs the risk that guests will think they have plenty of time to RSVP--but end up forgetting about the event altogether.

Time Frame

Traditionally, baby shower guests are expected to buy a present for the mother-to-be, so etiquette mandates that you send invitations anywhere between four to six weeks ahead of the party. This allows invitees plenty of time to RSVP and find an appropriate gift. The timeline holds true for email invitations as well.


Include a list of registry places of the guest of honor in each invitation to make the gift-buying process easier for the guests. If you're emailing the invitation, you can email links directly to the registration lists.


Whether custom-printed, handmade or emailed, invitations should include a “save the date” email or card in advance of the invitation. This works especially well if you’re still not sure of the party’s venue but the time frame requires you to send out the invitations. Ensure to include the date, shower theme and registration information.