Romantic Ideas to Surprise My Boyfriend

by Lauren Agra

In any relationship, it's important to find new ways to keep the romance alive. Romantic surprises let your boyfriend know you're thinking of him and that he's still number one in your heart. Surprises can be as demure or sexy as you're comfortable with; just have fun and let your plans reflect your unique relationship.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is a style of portraiture designed to make you look your most alluring. Wedding photographers and portrait photographers sometimes offer boudoir packages; prices vary by the number of prints, session length and on-site extras like professional makeup. Take a pin-up style picture of yourself he can treasure privately, or a more modest glamour shot for his desk. Leave the photos on top of his pillow or hidden between the pages of a favorite book.

Surprise Picnic

Tell your boyfriend that you need him to take you to the dentist's office, or perform some other unpleasant chore. Once he's in the car, drive him instead to a scenic park. Reveal a romantic picnic basket hidden in the trunk filled with his favorite treats and a sparkling beverage. Don't forget to pack insect repellent and other outdoor essentials too.

Romantic Treasure Hunt

Create a stack of clues and send your boyfriend on a treasure hunt through town. Have the clues direct him to his favorite haunts, and instruct him to do enjoyable things like buy treats or play games. The final clue should lead him back home. While he's out, decorate the dining room with romantic accents and set the table with a candlelit dinner for two. When he arrives, congratulate him on finishing the treasure hunt and unveil your romantic surprise.

Comic Book

Surprise your graphic novel fan boyfriend with a homemade comic book depicting your romance. Write and draw the story of your first date, how you first fell in love with him or your favorite memory of each other. For a professional touch, take the book to a binding company and have a hard cover made.

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