Anniversary Photo Ideas

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A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and can bring back sentimental memories from long ago, making you smile and relive the experience with just one glance. If your anniversary is coming up soon, there are several ways to present your spouse or significant other with a heartfelt photo gift, or take some candid photos with each other to commemorate another year of happiness.

Wedding Dance Pose

Enlarge a photo of you and your wife engaging in your first wedding dance, and frame the photo gift in a quality frame with a gold or silver finish, or elegant wood like cherry wood or mahogany. Add a silver or gold plaque to the frame and have it professionally engraved with a message like, "I'll dance with you forever," and your anniversary date. Of course, you can also take your wife dancing for your anniversary, and take photos of the two of you on the dance floor to frame as an additional present, or present her with a small framed version of your wedding dance photo, along with an iPod that you have uploaded with your wedding reception songs.

Refinished Proposal Photo

Give your husband the photo capturing the moment the two of you became engaged by having the picture professionally enlarged, refinished, and placed onto a canvas. You can also present him with a love note that describes the feelings you experienced when he asked you to marry him, and that you still get butterflies when you're around him. If the two of you have been talking about updating your wedding bands, you can surprise your husband with an upgraded wedding ring along with the engagement portrait to make this year's anniversary even more significant.

Anniversary-Themed Photo Shoot

Since there are colors and flowers associated with each anniversary, make an appointment for you and your wife to have a photo shoot featuring the appropriate anniversary hues and blooms. For instance, green is the 30th anniversary color, so purchase matching green shirts for you and your sweetie to pose in. You can also ask the photographer to use a white or dark purple background, as these are some of the colors of lilies, the 30th anniversary flower. If you're taking photos to celebrate 19 years of marriage, dress in a bronze tie and pocket square, and purchase a bronze brooch or necklace for your wife to take especially elegant pictures that you can display in your family room.

Refinished Original Wedding Photo

If you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, like the 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary, take a photo of your most treasured wedding photo to a professional artist to paint the image on a large canvas that you can frame and present to your spouse. Purchase a silver frame if the portrait is a 25th anniversary gift, or a gold frame if you're giving the painting to your mate to celebrate your 50th anniversary. Complete your gift by presenting your spouse with a small scrapbook that features the first love notes you wrote to each other and pictures that were taken during the time you were dating.

First Date Reenactment

Arrange a photo shoot for you and your girlfriend to reenact poses from your first date as an anniversary gift. Ask the photographer to capture images of the two of you staring into each other's eyes, laughing together, or sharing a "first kiss." You can even ask your girlfriend to wear the same color she did the first time you went on a date, and bring along the shirt or tie you wore that night. Or, purchase a new blouse or jewelry piece for her to wear in the photos as an additional anniversary gift.