Wall Coverings Party Decorations

party balloons image by Vita Vanaga from Fotolia.com

When decorating for parties, you want the entire room to look perfect. There are many wall coverings you can choose for your party decor to create the right mood in the room.


Wall coverings can add to the party atmosphere by helping to create a festive look revolving around a specific theme. They can also help by hiding an unsightly wall that does not go well with your theme.


Hanging fabric along a wall instantly changes the look of a room, be it drapes, old bedsheets or reams of discount fabric. Use something to match the occasion, such as floral pastels for Easter.


Hunt in party stores for occasion specific murals printed on wall-sized, lightweight plastic. Put your Halloween party in the middle of a dungeon or transport your guests under the sea. For glitz and glamor use metallic wall curtains.


Choose something unusual. Blow up dozens of balloons and tape them to the wall or tape crumpled pieces of bright crepe tissue paper for wall decorations.


Be careful when using adhesives or things that make holes in the walls, as they can damage the finish.