Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

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Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. You can make it a day to celebrate other relationships in your life, too. If you have a bestie who puts a smile on your face, offers a hand and shoulder when you need one, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation. Giving your best friend a thoughtful gift lets her know that she's special to you.

Edible Treats

Since Valentine's Day is a time for indulgences, a box of chocolates is a perfect gift for a best friend. Another option is to bake him his favorite cake or a pie, or buy him dinner at his favorite restaurant. Alternatively, make him a gift basket that includes chocolates, dried fruit and nuts, as well as some gourmet items like a jar of olives, pate and caviar.

Handmade Items

Make your best friend something handmade for Valentine's Day such as a knitted scarf or pair of socks to keep warm. A homemade card is a thoughtful gesture if you're on a tight budget. Another way to go is to make a homemade sugar or salt scrub by mixing together sugar or salt with jojoba oil and essential oils. Place it in a glass jar with a lid and you have a delicious-smelling, handmade gift for your friend.

For the Home

Gifts for the home can be simple as well as thoughtful. These items might include throw pillows or soft and cozy throw blankets, scented candles, soaps, bed linens or kitchen accessories. You can also give your best friend artwork if you understand his taste and can choose something that works with his decor.

Items for Pampering

Everyone needs a little pampering, so give your best friend the gift of a massage from her favorite masseuse. Bubble bath sets are a nice idea for at-home pampering. Other pampering options include a mani/pedi, facial or day at the spa. An alternative is simply offering to babysit her kids so she can go out and do something fun.