Unique Gifts for a 16th Wedding Anniversary

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Tradition holds that anniversary gift-giving should tie the year of the anniversary to certain materials for the gift. In the United States, such lists have gone through transformation in an attempt to better reflect modern living, although both traditional and modern lists persist. Whether you follow traditional recommendations or stray far from them, a dose of creativity is likely appreciated by your spouse or the celebrating couple on the occasion of a 16th wedding anniversary.

A Twist on Traditional

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Peridot, aquamarine and topaz are all beautiful gemstones associated with a 16th wedding anniversary. If the gift is for your spouse, spice up a gift of jewelry by choosing her likely favorite from among these three stones or combine them into a custom piece that makes use of the number 16, such as 16 small gems or etches. If even creative jewelry doesn't inspire you, let the blue, gold and green hues of these stones be your inspiration for an ocean getaway. For less extravagant options, let the colors inspire a silk tie or scarf purchase. Or bring out the same beautiful tones in a painting, sculpture or piece of glassware. Whatever your choice, let the color of the gemstones -- not necessarily the jewels themselves -- guide you to the perfect gift.

Modern Mode

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The modern gift associated with 16th wedding anniversaries is silver, although sterling is traditionally saved for 25th anniversary celebrations. But instead of the traditional silver holloware choices of tea sets and gravy tureens, consider sleek silver candlesticks with clean lines for the couple whose tastes run more toward urban cool than vintage fussy. If it is your own anniversary, turn the silver theme into a vacation getaway for you and your spouse, and enjoy Silver Sands Beach in Jamaica. There are a multitude of destinations -- even a cruise line -- with "silver" in the name, so surprise your spouse with a silver-inspired vacation. For less extravagant options to give a favorite couple, silver-tipped roses, silver swirl flutes to savor a favorite sparkling wine or silver bar ware are probably more fitting than a silver platter -- and more likely to be enjoyed.

Think 16

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Toss aside those lists of anniversary gift-giving ideas and plan your gift around the number 16 instead. Looking back 16 years, think of what made the time special. Choose a theme -- such as the year's hit movie or trend -- and build a gift basket around it. Do some research and then choose a bottle of vintage wine from 16 years ago. Hold a dinner party for the happy couple and invite 16 guests. Wrap 16 small gifts to celebrate the years. Make each gift chocolate or some other candy, and you will make their anniversary a sweet 16 as well. If celebrating your own 16th wedding anniversary, enjoy a special trip with your spouse to Tennessee -- the 16th state to enter the union. Natural beauty and exciting cities like Nashville make the state a fitting destination for a special celebration.