How to start an argument

by braniac

Many people are already experts in starting arguments. I just want to show you ways you haven't thought of before. Since starting an argument happens all the time I am assuming most of you are already experts. So lets begin our journey

I will start out with the most obvious. To start an argument you need to have someone to argue with. You will look pretty silly arguing to yourself so you always need to find someone to argue with. A great way to start an argument is to turn the tv off while your spouse is watching Tv. After you turn the Tv off tell them to get their lazy butt up and fix you some dinner.

Every time you get home from work the first thing you should talk about is how nasty the house looks. Instead of picking trash up you should walk right pass it and leave it for your spouse to pick up all the time. Here is another great way to start an argument compare your spouse with someone they know in an argument.

This technique works with out fail, so do this often. Whenever you are in the bedroom discuss bills. If you stay home all day you should leave the house messy so your spouse can clean it for you. You also need to relax and be in your pajamas all day, and have the house smelling like feet and potato chips.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv
Brought to you by LEAFtv

Items you will need

  • TV Remote Job person to argue with


  • Evenings are the best time to start an agrument,becuase you have just finished a long day of work. If you are vey hungry and tired this is a perfect time to start an argument


  • Never hit your spouse Dont argue if you have been drinking