How to Decorate a Party Bus

Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

An entertaining place to party is on the road, provided you're not driving, and provided you have the proper vehicle. That vehicle can easily be a party bus. To be a proper party bus, however, you'll need to go beyond just calling it one and deck out the bus appropriately.

Set up some dim lights. Long, strip or rope lights along the aisles and top of the bus make for a dramatic and festive effect. Also place little lamps or flashlights in the top corners and around the door areas. Lights may be able to be plugged into the bus's existing electrical system, but they still can work if that's not the case, with a generator, battery-operated lights or solar lights that have been in the sun all day.

Turn the ceiling into a gallery with some party posters. Opt for neon or glow-in-the-dark velvet if you can, hanging them close together across the entire expanse. Glow-in-the-dark star or moon stickers will jazz up the scene.

Secure some streamers. Since a bus's interior is long and lean, long and lean streamers are a great touch. Use crepe paper, ribbons, tulle or other lightweight decor that can be cut or kept in long strips. Drape the streamers throughout the length of the bus, with extra draping in the corners and ends of the seats. Secure in place with a heavy-duty duct tape that can be removed after the party.

Fix up the floor. Dirty, rubber matting just won't cut it for a party scene. Get an inexpensive carpet runner or two that reach the length of the bus. Make it extra special by picking a red carpet.

Spruce up the windows. Use more streamers, tulle or ribbon to add borders around the windows, with some dangling down in front, secured with metallic ribbon. You can also opt for netting or lace to drape in front of the windows, secured at the corners with the heavy-duty duct tape.