What Is a Good Gift for My Boyfriend Who's a Hockey Goalie?

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Celebrate your goalie's love for his sport by surprising him with a gift that lets him know you recognize his passion for hockey. Whether you’re shopping for a gift on a tight budget or you’re able to splurge a little, be sure to invest some creativity into the gift to make it personal and one of a kind.

Team Spirit

If your goalie has a favorite hockey team or idolizes a particular hockey player, surprise him with a special memorabilia gift. Look for autographed pucks, hockey sticks, jerseys or hockey helmets or photographs. If original autographed memorabilia is out of your budget range, opt for a less expensive, but just as personal alternative. You can have a photo of his favorite player or his favorite team’s emblem printed onto a variety of different items such as smartphone cases and hockey pucks, or frame a replica photograph instead. If your boyfriend is a big kid at heart, have an adorable gift custom made: a replica doll of his favorite hockey player.

Good Gear

Help keep your boyfriend’s gear in good condition by picking up a few pieces that seem to be wearing out, such as skate laces, blade stones or long-sleeve shirts or heavy socks to wear underneath his uniform. You can pick up skate guards for your boyfriend if you're gift-giving on a budget, or splurge on a more expensive piece of equipment, such as a chest protector, blocker, leg pads or knee pads. If you know your boyfriend is in need of some new gear, but don’t know what size or brand to pick up, opt for a gift certificate to his favorite hockey equipment retailer so you know he will find the perfect fit. Consider a brand new sports bag for all of his hockey gear, a top of the line goalie stick for practice or a new goalie’s mask so you know his face is always protected.

Getting Personal

Show your support for your boyfriend's love of hockey with a personalized gift, such as a “World's Best Goalie” jersey or winter hat, or “#1 Goalie” bumper sticker, mug or sweatshirt. Make something yourself, such as a salt dough ornament in the shape of a hockey puck or a wall decoration made from the impression of a goalie’s mitt. If your goalie has a sweet tooth, whip up a batch of sugar cookies, cut in the shape of hockey sticks, pucks, helmets and jerseys, and write love notes on each one with edible icing markers or an icing-filled pastry bag. Help him to show off team pride with a customized coaster set, a canvas print or even a pillowcase printed with his team’s emblem or logo.

Unforgettable Experiences

Pick up tickets for your goalie to see his favorite hockey team in action or splurge and make sure he never misses a game with season tickets to every game played at home. Help to support a good cause by purchasing tickets for your boyfriend to a charity hockey game, which is often offered by a variety of different organizations, such as American-born versus Canadian-born hockey teams and law enforcement officers versus veterans. If your boyfriend would love the opportunity to improve on his goalie skills even more, arrange to enroll him in a hockey camp for adults, where he will receive classroom instruction that is catered to his skill level, on-ice instruction sessions and one-on-one coaching.