Gifts for Women Turning 40

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When a women close to you is turning 40 years old, you must consider her attitude about the birthday. Is she excited? Is she depressed? Does she think it’s funny? Does she not care about her birthday? After considering her attitude, you’ll be able to make a better, informed decision about the appropriate birthday gift for her. Read on for some examples of birthday gifts for women turning the big 4-0.

Celebrate 40

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If the woman in your life is excited about reaching such an important milestone as 40 and isn’t afraid to show it, a gift that celebrates her age is appropriate. Consider giving her 40 handmade gift certificates. For example, if it’s your wife, doing the dishes for a week, dropping off and picking up the dry cleaning for a month or giving the kids a bath for a week are all fitting ideas. Or, you could give her 40 letters from her family and friends—perhaps giving her one letter a day for 40 days. Other ideas include giving her 40 of whatever her interests are. If she likes cross-stitching, give her 40 colors of embroidery thread. If she likes baking, give her 40 dessert recipes. If she’s a scrap-booker, give her 40 scrapbooking pieces.

Humorous Gifts

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Make sure the recipient is open to humorous gifts. It is, after all, all in good fun. Some companies make specific "over-the-hill" items that poke fun at aging. You can find these products at a variety of places, including party and adult stores. A cake with black icing and black roses is a fun gag gift. You'll also find black banners and balloons, T-shirts and black one-time-use serving ware, among other products. Or, you can make your own gag gifts. You could empty a large pill bottle and fill it with jellybeans or other sorts of candy, then make a label for the bottle with directions on it, such as, "Take two yellows if you're feeling forgetful, take three greens for sleeplessness," etc. Another gag gift could be a basket of essential products a new 40-year-old may need. Include prune juice, denture tablets, arthritis cream and adult diapers. Purchase a cane or walker to complete the gag gift.

Pampering Gifts

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Perhaps the 40-year-old-to-be isn’t so excited about her upcoming birthday. A way to ease that anxiety is to give her a present that pampers her instead of pokes fun. You could buy her a massage—hour-long Swedish massages and 90-minute hot-stone massages are perfect for melting the stress away and helping her to relax. If you can’t afford to get a gift certificate for a spa, you might look into finding massage services at a local massage-therapy school. Another option is to give her products that she can use to pamper herself at home. Those products include bath salts or oils, bubble bath, foot scrub, candles and/or wine.

Reliving Memories

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Another route you could take for a present is to give the woman in your life a basket of memorabilia from her birth year. If you haven’t been collecting pieces for a time capsule, you can give candies that were popular the year she was born. You could also make a mix CD of hit songs from her birth year or her childhood or give her a newspaper from the year she was born.