Gifts for Her 14th Birthday

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Some people find purchasing a gift for any teen girl to be an unsettling experience, but truthfully it is not a difficult process. Teenage girls have a variety of interests, but many have developed an interest in makeup, jewelry and boys. When purchasing a gift for a 14-year-old girl's birthday, consider not only her interests but also her probable desire to fit in with her group of friends.


Teenage girls generally love to text and instant message their friends. For this purpose, consider purchasing a computer or a cell phone. A smart phone, such as an iPhone or a BlackBerry, will allow her to check her pages on social-networking sites while she's on the go. Another electronic purchase that a teenage girl will most likely enjoy is a portable music player, like an iPod.


Generally speaking, teen girls are interested in fashions. They are beginning to explore their own individual styles but also usually wish to fit in with what their friends are wearing at school. Consider taking the birthday girl to her favorite store in the mall for a mini-shopping spree, or purchase a gift card from her favorite store. A way to gently help her develop a sense of style is to purchase a subscription to a fashion magazine. Age-appropriate magazines include Seventeen, Teen People and InStyle.


Fourteen is a bit too young for more expensive pieces of jewelry; a young teenager may be careless and accidentally lose a diamond stud earring. However, a piece of jewelry is a way to commemorate her birthday in a way she will always remember when she opens her jewelry box in the future. An age-appropriate piece of jewelry is a gold or silver chain she can wear around her neck. She can place a charm on this chain, and in the future it will be appropriate to place pendants on. Jewelry featuring her birthstone is also appropriate.

Tickets or Lessons

Consider the girl's interests. If she plays in the school band, consider giving tickets to see a nearby symphony orchestra performance. Is she a cheerleader or gymnast? A series of dance lessons will be enjoyable and a way for her to improve her craft. If she's into sports, give tickets to a professional game. If her favorite band or singer will be in town soon, take her to the concert.