Gift Ideas for a Teen Girlfriend

by Stacey Price

Finding a gift for your teenage girlfriend may seem a little intimating at first but in all actuality it is really not as hard as you think. If she is like most teenage girls she loves to talk. She probably talks about her interests like her favorite music or a perfume she has been dying to try. Using these suggestions as your guide will surprise your girlfriend with a gift she loves.

Personalized Jewelry

Many teenage girls love jewelry. So giving her personalized jewelry is icing on the cake. The item can be a bracelet, necklace or a ring. It doesn't have to be expensive jewelry either. Sterling silver is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive metals. To add a special touch to your gift, get both of your initials or anniversary date engraved onto the item.

Stuffed Animal

A teddy bear is a gift that will last for years. Before you give her your purchase, spray it with some of your favorite cologne so she will always have a lingering presence of you when she cuddles with it.


If your girlfriend is a music lover there are a number of things to purchase her that would put a smile on her face. For example, find out her favorite boy or girl band group and purchase their CD if she doesn't already have it. MP3 players are popular and inexpensive. You can purchase one in her favorite color and download some of her favorite songs onto it.

Hair Care Items

Create a gift basket with items that you think she will like. This gift basket could include items like brushes, shampoo and a flat iron. If she uses them, include different styled ponytail holders, headbands and hair clips.

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