DIY Gift Ideas for Dad

Kat Phillips

Instead of an impersonal purchased gift, take the time to make Dad a present that suits his interests. From a self-contained charging station to an air freshener for his car, these offerings are bound to bring big smiles.

1. Man-Worthy Wooden Bike Basket

Cameron Oden

A bike used to cruise around town could use a little storage, but a girly bike basket just won't do for Dad. Instead, build him a wooden crate-style basket that mounts onto the handlebars with leather straps. Use a blow-torch and wood stain to give that wood a vintage, well-loved look. Mantastic.

2. Toolbox-Style Beer Caddy

Cameron Oden

Instead of saving those cardboard six-pack holders, build this clever wooden caddy so he can cart his beers -- or root beers -- out to the backyard or garage in style. Add a bottle opener designed to mount on a wall so he doesn't have to hunt for a way to open his brews.

3. Man-Friendly Bouquet

Alison Needham

Even if your dad doesn't like flowers, he'll love this bouquet. Select a dozen or so small items he'll enjoy, such as bottles of hot sauce, spicy mustard or packs of playing cards. Attach the items to wooden skewer "stems" using a hot glue gun, and then create the stars of the bouquet -- bacon roses -- by rolling up strips of bacon and cooking them in a mini muffin tin.

4. Inked Wood Keepsake

Cameron Oden

Show off your crafty DIY side with this inked wood print of one of Dad's favorite photos. Transferring the image onto a slab of wood begins with a creative secret -- treating the backing paper from shipping labels with clear sealer and glue and then printing the image atop dry glue. A coat of gel medium on the wood allows the image to transfer from the paper to the wood.

5. Rugged and Rustic Knife Holder

Mary & Tim Vidra

A store-bought knife holder looks so basic... even boring. Opt for the upcycled look instead with this rustic knife rack made from reclaimed wood and powerful ceramic magnets. The magnets hide inside holes cut into the back of the board and are strong enough to support knives through the wood.

6. Self-Contained Charging Station

Mary & Tim Vidra

Turn a favorite wine crate or wooden toolbox into a self-contained charging station for all of Dad's electronic items. A power strip and the plug ends of each charger hide beneath a false bottom in the charging station. Portable electronics stash neatly inside the station, out of sight after you close the lid.

7. Creative Customized Golf Balls

Jonathan Fong

Offer Dad a batch of hand-decorated golf balls that stand out from the rest -- perfect for his next golf outing with friends. Dye the balls for all-over color, or give them your own funky designs with oil-based markers.

8. Portable Double-Duty Golf Mat

Jonathan Fong

Artificial grass and a rubber anti-fatigue mat pair up for this perfectly portable, perfectly giftable golf mat. Use the rubber tee holder with a golf tee to practice driving the ball, or remove it to use the mat as a portable putting green. The mat rolls up easily for storage.

9. Record-Inspired Tasty Treats

Kelly Lanza

Decorate some of Dad's favorite treats with record-inspired elements. Licorice wheels dressed up with colorful fruit-leather labels resemble old albums. Serve them up on the perfect platter -- an album, of course. Dad needs something to drink, too. Color round stickers to look like records, and then apply stick-on letters to pay homage to Dad on the bottles of his favorite sodas.

10. Chic Copper and Leather Wine Rack

Cameron Oden

Build this oh-so chic copper, wood and leather wine rack as the perfect gift for a wine enthusiast. A copper pipe structure supports leather straps that hold up wine bottles no matter how wide or narrow. Chic and classic.

11. Reusable Air Fresheners for the Car

Rachel Pereira

Offer up a fresh scent for Dad's car by making him a reusable felt air freshener. Cut shapes out of felt, such as a baseball, arrowhead or the word "Dad," and then add a few drops of essential oils to the felt for an all-natural air freshener. Sandalwood offers a woodsy fragrance, while a blend of lemongrass and orange essential oils emits a citrusy scent. An elastic band through one end of the freshener offers a way to hang the felt in the car.

12. Edible Mustache Cupcake Toppers

Jamie Shields

Black licorice laces serve as crafting material for these adorable -- and edible -- mustache cupcake toppers. Cut the licorice lace into strips, and then line them up next to one another. A meringue wash brushed on the lace strips sticks them together. When dry, you can cut the licorice creation into assorted mustache shapes. Insert a toothpick and display the mustaches proudly atop a collection of cupcakes.

13. A Card From the Kids

Kersey Campbell

Print out a coloring-book style template for a simple Father's Day card the kids can color in at the table. Print one per child so each has something to offer Dad. After the kiddos have finished coloring and signing their names, Dad's gifts are complete. Simple as can be.

14. Reclaimed-Wood Bookends

Mary & Tim Vidra

Reclaimed or salvaged wood serves as a simple yet attractive gift after being cut into angular bookends. Cut angles into thick blocks of chemical-free reclaimed wood for DIY bookends with a look that is both modern and rustic.

15. Sports-Themed Macarons

Jamie Shields

Who doesn't love a tasty treat? Macarons already look a bit like sports balls when viewed from the top, so complete the look by adding stitches for a baseball or curved lines for a tennis ball or basketball. Food pens allow you color to your heart's content without ruining the cookies -- the macarons are still 100 percent edible. Go on, play with your food!

16. "Magic" Magnetic Bottle Opener

Mary & Tim Vidra

Surprise your guests with this magnetic bottle opener that catches bottle caps as they fall. A board with a cutout in the back hides a strong magnet positioned well below the bottom of the bottle opener. Open a bottle and watch the caps cling to the board, as if by magic. How's that for a party trick?

17. Leather Valet Tray

Mary & Tim Vidra

Every man could use a place to stash his keys and loose change at the end of the day. Make a manly catch-all valet tray by pinching the corners of a thick, square scrap of leather, faux leather or industrial felt. Double-sided rivets along each corner make the leather tray keep its shape.

18. Personalized Photo Checkerboard

Jonathan Fong

A DIY gift customized with personal touch is one he'll cherish forever. This personalized checkerboard uses family photos as one of the two "colors" of squares on the playing surface. Wooden artist panels, stacked back to back, create a box that allows you to store the checkers inside after you add hinges and a lock. After painting the checkerboard, use decoupage medium to secure photocopies of family photos onto every other square.

19. Golf-Themed Gift Card Holder

Jessica Begum

Instead of offering Dad an impersonal gift card with nothing to go along with it, present that card in a homemade wooden gift-card holder. Golf tees sticking up in a hand-painted board offer space to store a number of gift cards, or he can use the holder to sort mail. Hang the holder on a wall and it becomes a tie rack. Useful, indeed.

20. Spot-On Wall Art

Jill Sparks

Whip up some wall art for his man cave using fabric instead of a canvas and paints. The fabric background on these shooting-range inspired pieces wraps around stretcher bars -- the framework used to support art canvases.

21. Leather Monogram With Nailhead Trim

Rachel Pereira

Monograms can be stylishly incorporated just about anywhere. This budget friendly DIY is made with paper mache monograms and rich-looking, faux leather fabric that creates an expensive looking, masculine decoration your dad is sure to love.