5 Christmas Wreaths That Are Easy to Make

Jonathan Fong

Get creative this Christmas with a wreath that expresses simplicity, beauty and artistry. From lavender to holly to succulents, we have something for everyone. Best yet, this is holiday décor you can easily make with your very own hands.

If You Want to Stand Out from Your Neighbors...

Make a Living Succulent Wreath

Some of you warm weather folks might feel drawn to this living succulent wreath. According to Jonathan Fong (the designer of all these wreaths), this one is surprisingly easy to assemble and requires very little maintenance. But note -- make this one in advance and leave it flat for 4 to 6 weeks so the roots can take hold before hanging.

Jonathan Fong

If You Want a Holly Jolly Christmas...

Make a Holly Wreath

If you're more of a traditionalist, this holly wreath has your name written all over it. Bright green and accented with red berries, it's truly in the Christmas spirit. If you're having trouble finding holly locally, Fong says you can buy some in bulk online from holly farms. Yes, there are holly farms.

Jonathan Fong

If You're a Gardenista...

Make a Rosemary Wreath

If you love the smell of rosemary (and who doesn't?), hang this wreath on your front door or in your kitchen. Using a grapevine form for the wreath (a favorite of Fong's), the twisting vines add a beautiful rustic base. And don't throw it away after it has dried out -- use the herb to flavor your dishes in the New Year!

Jonathan Fong

If You Like It Hot, Hot, Hot...

Make a Chili Pepper Wreath

Heat up the chill factor with a red-hot chili pepper wreath. For this project, Fong uses Arbol chiles because he likes how they don't lose their color as they dry. (We love this wreath as an outdoor accent during the hotter months, too!)

Jonathan Fong

If You Want to Stress Less During the Holidays...

Make a Lavender Wreath

Imagine the relaxing scent family members and guests will be greeted with every time they arrive at your front door with this lavender wreath. If you're using fresh lavender, Fong suggests planning for about a two-week lead-time before making the wreath so the herbs can dry out. This one is definitely a keeper well after the holiday season and will add a fragrant accent to any room.

Jonathan Fong

Want more? We've got a wreath for every season throughout the year!

Jonathan Fong (1, 3, 4); Tonia Larson (2)