How to Write Your Wife a Love Letter

Believe it or not a love letter is the perfect gift. Every woman looks forward to getting a love letter, but not many women actually get one because many men don't know what to write or how to write one. A love letter is a special gift from the heart that will never be matched by anything you could buy.

Get nice paper, torn out loose leaf or a napkin won't work. Grab a pen, not a pencil or crayon. The ink signifies the permanence of your feelings. The nice paper signifies the days you used to make sure you looked nice before you saw her.

Open your letter address to her either using her real name, a pet name or show your pride in your marriage and address it to Mrs. __. Your opening sentence will be based on the name you use. If you used her real name or Mrs. __, write I am the luckiest man alive because you are my wife or I am so blessed to have you as my wife. Add in I addressed it to Mrs.___ because it makes me happy to see on paper you are my wife. If you choose a pet, I call you XXXX because your remind me of XXXX and list the good qualities associated with the name.

Take a walk down memory lane: Start by saying I knew I fell in love with you when (and bring up the day you felt it). Bring up a romantic memory. Start by saying, remember when...... That day I knew I was hopelessly lost in your love. You can also let her know how much you appreciate things she does such as something special or endearing or when she took care of you when you were sick. Tell her how much you appreciate it.

Tell her exactly what you love about her right now. Tell her she is the best wife because she always _. Let her know she truly is the best friend any man could ask for because ___. Talk about your hopes and dreams for the future. Let her know your future is with her. Express a dream you have for your future.

Thank her for being in your life and for loving you. Sign with the same type of name you used to open your letter.