What to Send in a Care Package

Care packages are a great way to show someone who is far away that you are thinking of them. Sending a care package is a perfect gesture for any time of the year, but is special at holidays or during other important events. Consider the recipient and the timing when you put together your next care package in order to have a successful delivery of thoughtfulness and love.

Go with the Times

When you send a care package, consider the timing. Choose items for your box that coordinate with the season or time of the year, holidays near that time or special events you are celebrating. For birthday boxes, send gifts and cards with bright festive wrappings. For a holiday care package, go to your local discount store to find fun, themed additions to your box. You may also consider sending seasonal fruit or holiday desserts. Just be careful about shipping regulations if your box will cross state or international lines. Avoid including items that will perish before they arrive. If you are sending food, make sure it will last until your package can be delivered.

Choose a Theme

Care packages can be sent for any occasion, but there are some specific occasions that you should consider. If your care package is for a college student, try sending an exam survival kit. Include coffee and a travel mug or chocolate-covered espresso beans for those all-night study sessions. Cure your recipient’s junk-food fix by including bags of chips and candy. Add in some school supplies or study guide materials to help them ace those tests. If your care package is for a soldier, consider the modern conveniences of home he may be missing while on active duty. Simple items like chewing gum, facial cleansing wipes and favorite candies may not be available where he is, but can be very appreciated. Consider sending letters for his fellow soldiers from a local elementary class, or handmade socks from a charity knitting circle, to personalize the gift and send thanks from the local community.

Tailor it to the Recipient

No matter what, a care package should be individually packed for the intended recipient. Include that person’s favorite items, especially if there are local items you can send while they are far from home. If your town has a local candy store or snack company, send its specialty items. You may also wish to send a special candle or lotion from a local boutique or a statue from a local artist. A care package doesn’t have to cost a lot of money in order to be effective. Choose inexpensive items like small toys or candies in the recipient’s favorite flavors or colors. Simple additions like stickers or pencils can make the box a fun surprise for any time of the year without breaking the budget.