Types of Ball Gowns

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Ball gowns add a certain flair and grace to your figure, along with a hint of mystery that makes most people do a double-take when they see you. They've been a popular choice for royalty from times past and have evolved to be worn at weddings, masked balls and proms. There are many different types of balls gowns, including formal ball gowns, A-line gowns and Empire waist gowns.

Formal Ball Gowns

Formal ball gowns are generally traditional in nature and tend to be designed in fabrics such as velvet, silk and satin. They’re the costliest of all ball gowns because of their exquisitely full skirts, the amount of expensive fabric used and the designer tag. Most formal ball gowns tend to be made by known designers such as Oscar De La Renta and Chanel. They often have fitted bodices with long full skirts and can be strapless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Most brides who opt for wedding ball gowns go for the formal look since it creates an image of tradition and beauty.

A-line Ball Gowns

A-line ball gowns are another popular choice for women who wish to look good and feel good without having to have the perfect figure. A-line gowns can look good with any figure since they tend to start out fitted and flare out into an A-shape at the bottom. This creates an impression of slimness, especially in women with larger bottoms. If you’re looking for a great gown for your masked ball, try the A-line ball gown. It’ll give you a sultry, hot look that adds to the mystery behind the mask. If you’re a petite bride, the A-line may be your best option.

Empire Waist Ball Gowns

Empire waist ball gowns are the best choice for women with a larger tummy, such as those who are pregnant. They're designed to pull up the waist by sectioning the upper part of the dress toward the chest, letting the rest of the fabric fall in smooth lines to the floor, just like a long skirt. Whether you’re pregnant and looking to hide your stomach or merely big-boned and heavy, the empire waist ball gown is your gown of choice. They're available in a large range of colors, although most women prefer them in either deep black or pastel shades.


When looking for the right ball gown for you, always consider the color as well as the style of ball gown. The gown should flatter your figure, making you look alluring and beautiful. It should not only flatter your body shape but also ensure your comfort level. If you’re going for a strapless ball gown, make sure it fits well or you’ll be tugging it up all night.