Is it Proper to Wear a Pant Suit to a Wedding?

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Worrying about wearing the proper attire to a wedding is natural and expected. You do not want to wear the wrong color, style, or worst of all, end up looking like the bride. In order to avoid this, it is smart to research some of the typical colors and styles people usually wear to weddings. A pant suit is proper for a wedding; however, the type of pant suit is what separates an appropriate style from an inappropriate style. There are a few fundamental rules to choosing the proper pant suit for the wedding you are attending.


The color of the pant suit you wear to the wedding is critical. First of all, it is not a good idea to wear a pant suit that is black, navy, or dark gray to a wedding, and the reason behind this is that these colors are typically associated with business apparel. The idea is not to look formal, but elegant. Wearing white or ivory is not a good idea because these are colors the bride will be wearing. Anything that is subtle and pretty, such as pastels, is appropriate.


Make sure the pant suit you wear to the wedding fits you well. It is a good idea to get it tailored to fit you so that you will look feminine and soft instead of business-like. If you have the choice of wearing a dress that fits you well or a pant suit that is a little baggy, it would be a good idea to go with the dress to avoid looking too casual or sloppy.


The fabric of your pant suit will determine how elegant it looks. Some of the nicest pant suits will be made out of either satin, chiffon, linen or organza. Some of these are dressier than others; for example, satin, chiffon and organza are all considered much dressier than linen. Any suit that is flowing and soft is a good idea for a wedding. Likewise, avoid any fabric that is tough and stiff, as this will look out of place.


The pant suit you choose should be dressy. There are several ways to get this look; some pant suits are flowing, which adds a definite dressy dimension to them. You may dress up a pant suit with the proper shoes, jewelry and undershirt, perhaps a lacy one. You may also style your hair in a feminine way to avoid looking business like. Whatever you choose to do, a pant suit does not have to look formal and may be the perfect choice for a wedding.