Traditional Gifts for a 45th Anniversary

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Many couples celebrate wedding anniversaries with specific gifts that tradition attributes to the anniversary year. The traditional gift for the 45th wedding anniversary is sapphire. If you are determined to give a traditional gift, then you may need to start saving your money now.

Sapphire Ring

Purchase a sapphire ring for your wife. It can be a fairly moderate expense, depending on the jeweler. A ring makes a wonderful anniversary gift because you can engrave it with a personal message to your partner.

Sapphire Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet makes a wonderful 45th anniversary gift for the budget-conscious partner. This is because you can buy the bracelet and one charm that incorporates a sapphire. Every year, you can add a charm to the bracelet that symbolizes your relationship. For example, in subsequent years you can purchase a music note to celebrate the jazz club where you met, a ship to symbolize your honeymoon cruise and a horse to honor your first pet.

Sapphire Necklace

If you have a large budget, then buy a sapphire necklace that features cascading sapphire pendants. This statement piece of jewelry likely will get a gasp and let your partner know that you splurged on her. Also consider buying a dress that goes along with the necklace and then taking your partner out to a romantic dinner.

Sapphire Cuff Links

For a man, buy a pair of sapphire cuff links. This is a subtle yet handsome way to dress up a man's shirt. You can find cuff links at jewelry stores, but you may need to visit a custom jeweler to purchase sapphire-laden ones.