Tips on Leaving Your Boyfriend a Romantic Note

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When you're in a relationship, it's important to let your partner know how much you love and appreciate him to keep the relationship strong. Sending your boyfriend a love note can be a sweet way to convey that love, especially if you both lead busy lives and have limited time together. Keep things interesting by being creative and sending him different types of love notes that will have him thinking of you throughout the day and eager to see you again.

Step 1

Leave notes in hidden places. Surprise your guy with notes that he comes across throughout the day. For example, if he wears suits to work, tuck a "thinking of you" note inside a jacket pocket. Tape a love note to his door or stick one in a book he's reading or his wallet. He's sure to smile each time he finds one.

Step 2

Make a scavenger hunt for your boyfriend. On a special occasion, such as his birthday, surprise him with a romantic note on his front door that is a clue to another note. Write something sweet on each note, while also giving a clue to the next note, until he finds his present, which could be you, wearing a giant bow.

Step 3

Get creative. Instead of simple paper notes, make the note extra special. For example, buy your boyfriend's favorite candy bar, then take it apart and write a note on the inside of the foil wrapping. Carefully put it back together so it looks unopened. Other ideas include writing a love note on the rind of an orange and packing it with his lunch and folding a love note into an origami crane.

Step 4

Start a love note correspondence with your boyfriend. You deserve to get love notes too. Encourage your boyfriend to reciprocate by writing a love note on the first page of a small notebook. Place it on his nightstand or somewhere else he will find it easily, and put a pen nearby. At the end of your note, write, "your turn" or "write me back" to make it clear you want him to send a love note back.