Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Men

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If you have an anniversary coming up, no doubt you want to give your man a thoughtful gift that he’ll truly appreciate. The gift you give your man should be in line with his personality and style, and it should be a representation of your feelings for him. You have many areas to choose from when choosing an anniversary gift. The most popular are romantic, sentimental, sexy, traditional and even hobby gifts.

Romantic Gifts

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An anniversary is an excellent time to give your man a romantic gift. A simple idea is to take him on a romantic picnic and gifting him with a handwritten poem from you that has been elegantly framed, or an engraved piece of jewelry. Other ideas include arranging with his employer for him to take a Friday off and whisking him away to a romantic bed and breakfast or a remote cabin in the mountains for a weekend of romance. Other options include purchasing him a sexy man robe and slippers and letting him be king for the night. Prepare his favorite food, serve it to him by candlelight and then let him reign behind closed doors.

Sexy Gifts

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Sexy gifts are always a fun way to spice up an anniversary. Most men will get a kick out of receiving a gift basket that is laden with sex goodies such as toys, edible body lotions, his favorite type of erotica and a handwritten invitation for a night of passionate play. Another sexy gift idea is gifting him with professional photographs taken of you wearing his favorite type of lingerie—or it you dare, nothing at all. Other options include going to a sexy spa for a couples massage, booking a stay at an adults-only resort or giving him sex vouchers that he can redeem at will.

Sentimental Gifts

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Anniversaries are often a time when sentimental gifts are given. Sentimental anniversary gift ideas include giving your man a scrapbook of mementos and photos of your life together, creating a personalized CD of the music that brings you close and evokes special memories, or making a video of yourself telling your mate how much you love him—and why. Other options include taking him to a place that you all knew in your past that you haven’t visited in a while or re-creating a date or time in your past.

Hobby Gifts

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While hobby gifts aren’t the most romantic gifts that you can give to a man on your anniversary, they will be happily received. It takes a confident woman to give her man a hobby gift, because it speaks volumes to him about her self-confidence in the relationship. When you give your man a gift that centers on his hobby, it lets him know that you don’t feel threatened about the time he spends away and that you support his athletic, intellectual or artistic passions.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

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If you want to go the traditional route on your anniversary, give your man gifts that correlate with the number of years that you have been married. For instance, leather is the traditional gift for the third anniversary. Leather ideas for your guy can include a leather wallet, a new desk chair, or a coat.