What Is a Romantic Gesture for My Husband?

by Zora Hughes

Women aren't the only ones who like to be wined, dined and swept off their feet. Men also like romantic gestures from their significant others as well, especially when they make them feel appreciated and desired. Showing your husband that you're both attracted to him and love him, will not only make him feel good, but will also help keep your marriage spicy and exciting.

Write Romantic Notes

If you are someone who always writes lists for your husband of daily things to do, surprise him by replacing your usual list with a list of reasons why you love him, think he's sexy and a good husband. Another idea is to leave him a note on your bathroom mirror with your favorite bright red lipstick. Leave a kiss imprint on the mirror and some sort of sexy message telling him that you're looking forward to seeing him after work. You can also send him steamy text messages throughout the day, whether you are apart or just in separate rooms.

Take Him on a Date

Surprise your husband by taking him out on a date. Wear a dress he loves on you and take him to a new restaurant that has food you know he'll love. After dinner, let him choose any activity he wants to do, whether it's bowling, listening to live music or just cuddling at home in front of the TV. You could also surprise him with his favorite home-cooked meal, especially if you rarely have time to cook. Whether it's a gourmet roast chicken or your beef and bean nachos he loves, enjoy the meal over candlelight and slow jams to set the mood.

Public Displays of Affection

Let your husband know how proud you are to be with him. Hold his hand or loop your arm through his when you're out and about. When you're out to dinner together with friends, brag about your husband, his accomplishments, how he treats you or just how much fun it is to be around him. Wink and flirt with him, using seductive body language at a party when you're across the room. Hit a dive bar and make out with your husband like you're teenagers again.

Initimate Surprises

Surprise your husband with spontaneous acts of intimacy. Make love in the morning right when you wake up to break from your usual nighttime routine. Hop in the shower unexpectedly and give him a full body scrub down. Surprise him one day by waiting for him in the bedroom with brand new lingerie in his favorite color. Get intimate in every room in the house. Send him on a romantic treasure hunt with the last clue leading to you in a hotel suite decorated for romance in the middle of the week.

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