How to Make a Romantic Night at Home for Your Husband on Valentine's Day

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Though Valentine’s Day is traditionally viewed as a woman’s holiday, your husband might just be the rare man who appreciates some good old-fashioned romance. Ignore the nay-sayers who claim that all men hate February 14th and make this a night that is just about celebrating the two of you. You can keep it low-key and still be romantic.

Cook Something Yummy

The way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach, as Danielle Kyrillos pointed out on “” Make him something home-cooked and delicious, or if you don’t cook, order his favorite ahead of time. Have some of his favorite drinks on hand, so you can pair the romantic meal with some wine or beer. You can use this as an opportunity to combine a date with a gift as well, by choosing an expensive scotch as a nightcap to your meal, or adding a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.

Choose a Thoughtful Gift

Choosing a gift for your husband should be all about knowing him well. Don’t resort to cliche Valentine’s Day items like teddy bears or even just a card. Get him some movies or videogames, that gadget he has been eyeing, or the sports equipment he wants. It doesn’t have to say “Love” on it to spell romance, notes Kyrillos. It just has to be a heartfelt gift from you. Plus, if your husband previously rejected Valentine’s Day, he might start to like it more after unwrapping a gift he really wants, instead of the expected kitsch.

Set the Mood with a Massage

When surveyed by Kait Smith of Your Tango, 57 percent of men said that they would appreciate a special massage for Valentine’s Day. Get out the essential oil, put on some soothing music, and give your husband some TLC. Better yet, take turns giving massages to each other. You deserve one too! If you want to try something new on your date, you can practice new techniques, such as Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. Massage is a proven stress reliever, and in addition, it involves care and comfort, according to Swapping massages will make your husband feel loved, and can be quite erotic as well.

Go to Bed Early

32 percent of men surveyed told Smith that they would be happy to spend the entire day in bed, fooling around, while a majority of both men and women would opt to spend a romantic weekend out of town. Since you’re staying home this year, you can recreate that sense of lounging at a resort by taking him to bed with you -- and staying there.