Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation gifts for kindergarten students can be anything from fun and memorable to educational. The gift can be a collection of items the child completed in class as a scrapbook of kindergarten memories. It can also be an assortment of supplies to help the child prepare for first grade. Graduation gifts that the children will enjoy using during the summer can be educational and entertaining.

Craft Books

Collect crafts and art from throughout the child's year in kindergarten as a gift for graduation. During the course of the year select one or two pieces of artwork each month and paste them onto 8 1/2-by-11 inch pieces of construction paper. At the end of the year, assemble all of these pieces of paper and punch holes in them using a three-hole punch. Use yarn to thread between the holes and tie it together at the ends to hold the book together. The book is a reminder of that year in kindergarten.

Games and Puzzles

Give games and puzzles. Choose games such as Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders, which help the children learn as they play. Other educational games include Hi-Ho Cherry Oh, and Memory. Puzzles also help stimulate a child's logic. Give the child puzzles that are harder than those he \completed in the past to challenge him over the summer and prepare for first grade.

School Supplies

Create a collection of school supplies for first grade. This can include glue, scissors, pencils, magic markers, crayons, glitter, erasers, rulers and stickers. Place them all in a school supply box with the child's name on it. Give the child some of the items from the supply box, such as the stickers, but explain that the rest is to use for first grade. This way, the child can look forward to using the graduation present upon returning to school at the end of the summer.