Ideas for One Year Dating Anniversary Gifts

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The one year dating anniversary is an interesting crossroads for a relationship. You are firmly involved in a serious relationship, but lifelong partnership might still be an uncertainty. Whether you are serious about gifts or not, there is a wide variety of choices that will express the sort of emotion you feel. Here are a number of gifts to give on that special day for him and for her.

Special Night Out

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If spending time together is the most important thing for you, consider taking out your significant other for an especially memorable evening. Check out the newest hot restaurants, theater openings, symphony performances, concerts and other events that might fit your taste. If you want to make it real different, rent a cool car for the evening or hire a driver to take you to your destinations.


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Giving a woman a piece of jewelry comes with a certain feeling of affirming you are in a serious relationship. Consider her personal tastes and buy something appropriate for the relationship. Every bracelet, earring, broach and necklace has its own style whether you buy it at Tiffany's, Juicy Couture or J.C. Penny's. Check out what else she wears or try to remember if she has mentioned anything in previous shopping experiences.

For a gift for a man, consider a new watch. A watch is a very personal thing but consider specialty models such as for diving or swimming or high-end pieces made by Omega or Rolex.

Adventure Experience

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If you are buying for a man or you have a mutual love for adventure, consider a gift certificate for skydiving, SCUBA lessons, whitewater rafting, a hot-air balloon ride or a day of sailing. There are also multi-day adventures such as backpacking trips in the woods, coastal kayak excursions and renting all-terrain vehicles out in the desert.

Massage/Spa Experience

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No woman is going to dislike getting a professional massage or spending an afternoon at an exclusive spa. Even most men wouldn't turn down a good massage to ease all the work tension. There are also facials, manicures, pedicures, couple's massages and numerous body treatments featuring the latest skin products.


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Everyone loves music. Make it personal with a "mix-tape" blend on a new iPod or buy tickets to an upcoming concert festival event such as Coachella Music and Arts Festival, South by Southwest or CMJ Music Festival.

Hobbie/Passion Gifts

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Nearly everyone has some hobby or passion outside of their normal work life. Maybe it is 1950s purses or NASCAR memorabilia or French wine, but whatever it is, show you really pay attention to them by finding some hard to find item they would love to own. Browse eBay, talk to the specialists, look on and find out what your significant other has really been searching for to see if you can locate it.