Gifts Ideas for a Libra Man

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Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, a masculine, air sign represented by a pair of scales. It is the only inanimate object in the zodiac, all the rest are either human or animal signs. Libra is said to be the diplomat of the zodiac, and typical Librans are romantic, easy going, sociable, idealistic and charming. Librans are born between Sept. 24 and Oct. 23.

The Scales

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There are many gift options if you wish to choose a scale-themed gift. If your Libra man wears a suit to work, consider some scale cuff links or a tie. Key rings or key chains are always handy, and there is a large range of scale themed jewelry available, from watches to charms. Also consider a miniature set of scales, these can be hung or placed in the home and make an attractive ornament. Anything that makes the home more attractive is always a good gift for a Libran. Remember that Librans love the finer things in life, so think "special rather than "functional."

Air Element

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Libra is an air sign, so think about choosing a gift that represents air. Feathers, incense, the colors yellow and gold, and birds (especially eagles and hawks) all represent air. For example, consider an attractive incense burner with incense, a dream-catcher with feathers, or a gold item for around the house. Remember that Librans like balance, so if you buy a candlestick, for example, buy two, maintaining the balance. Air is also associated with learning and intelligence, so books are also a good choice for a Libra man.

Sociable Libra

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Librans are very sociable people, they focus strongly on making others happy, making them great party hosts. Sometimes they forget about themselves though, so consider a gift that will ensure your Libra man takes some time for himself. This may be in the form of a gift related to a hobby, or even a short break somewhere. Love, romance and friendship are all very important to Librans, so make him the center of attention by cooking up a romantic dinner for him, or invite his closest friends for a dinner party.

Top Tips

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If you buy more than one gift, make sure you wrap them separately. Librans surround themselves with beautiful things, and the packaging of the present is equally important to them as the present itself. A stroll in a beauty spot and a picnic is a perfect gift for a Libra man -- Librans will always appreciate the thought and beauty in something, rather than how much it cost. Because they are such romantics, Librans will appreciate any gift that reminds them of their favorite person, and anything that has a hidden meaning known only by the two of you.