Ideas to Surprise My Husband on Valentines Day

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Surprise your husband on Valentine’s Day with an unexpected gift or date. Plan to plant the surprise when your husband isn’t looking, leaving the gift in his briefcase, his car or in his office at work. Arrange any date plans discretely, and be sure to keep receipts, directions and other giveaways about the outing hidden until you reveal them on Valentine’s Day.

His Car

Give your husband’s car a makeover while he's at work or occupied for a day. Have a new stereo system installed, take it through the car wash, get a remote starter installed or have the car cleaned and detailed. Many husbands take pride in their vehicles, so this is a surprise that will be much appreicated. Don’t mention that you are taking the car, and let it be a surprise when he finds it.


Surprise your husband with a gift that he will really enjoy. Consider his interests, and purchase two tickets to a concert, sporting event or comedy show that he would like to attend. Either plan to go with him has a date or arrange to have a buddy go with him. Another option is to have a boudoir photo taken of yourself and present it to him on Valentine’s Day. Framing an autographed photo of his favorite athlete or movie star is an option he might enjoy, too. Hang the photo in his office or garage to surprise him.


Plan a surprise getaway for the two of you. While he is at work or away for the day, pack your suitcases. Meet him at the door when he returns with a wrapped package containing a road map. Circle the destination on the map, and let him open the surprise to find out where you are going. Another idea is to create a date “treasure hunt.” Leave notes with clues that lead him on a trail to the destination of your date. Wait for him there.


Make a “favorite things” basket for your husband. Bake his favorite cookies or brownies, and purchase a few small items he would enjoy, like a DVD, a gift card to a local hardware store, and a pair of boxer shorts. Hide the basket in his car for him to find. Another idea is to hide a note or a card, along with his favorite candy or treat, in his briefcase. Or, arrange to have it delivered to him at work.