How to Word a Graduation Card

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Whether it signals the end of kindergarten, high school or college, a graduation is a special event for students. Sending a graduation card is a way to show you care about the person and are proud of her achievements. Store-bought cards that include a handwritten note are appreciated, and hand-made cards can be even more meaningful. Through the wording and presentation of your card, let an individual know that you care about him and wish him well in the future.

Choosing the Right Words

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Consider the graduate when writing your note. The point of a graduation card is to celebrate a particular individual. To show that you truly care, consider the graduate's personality. Would she prefer words of wisdom or something humorous? If words of wisdom match her style, include quotes about succeeding in life. If humor is more to the graduate's taste, draw a cartoon and add witty words. Is the graduate sentimental or more business-like? Depending on the answer, you can write a poem or create a formula for his personal success.

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Insert words that reflect your own personality. As much as you want to make a card that is pleasing to a graduate, you also want to put some of your personal style into the design. If the two of you have inside jokes or phrases that hold extra meaning, insert these comments into the wording. You are celebrating an event, and you are also celebrating a bond between you and the graduate.

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Think of a theme for the card. If you purchase a card in a store, you can write a note by hand that goes along with the theme already on the card. If you make a card yourself, it's up to you to come up with a theme. Let the words you choose reflect a theme. For example, you might use a global theme to highlight all the different places you'll go in life, realistically and metaphorically. Use quotes and comments about different places in the world the graduate might see as she follows her own life path.

Pick quotes that match the theme of the card and the personality of the graduate. Rather than picking a random quote, find something that holds meaning, and include the author's name at the end of the quote.