How to Select Shoes With a Tuxedo

Choosing the right shoes to go with a tuxedo is almost as important at selecting the right tux. Fortunately, a few simple tips will make it possible to choose the right shoes and create a look that is attractive, classic, and conveys a sense of style.

Go with black. Unless the tuxedo is part of a theatrical costume, no other color will do. Black shoes are classic, simple, and easy to care for.

Pay attention to the shape of the toe. Rounded toes for tuxedo shoes are considered traditional, while a square toe is thought to be more contemporary. Avoided pointed toes at all costs.

For the material, the best look for tuxedo shoes are patent leather. The shiny surface adds a touch of elegance to the overall appearance, and sets the shoes apart from simple business style dress shoes. Patent leather also has the advantage of being somewhat supple and allowing for easy movement. Choose real patent leather over faux patent leather if at all possible.

Consider the design. Tuxedo shoes are available in both lace up and slip on designs. Both are considered to be acceptable. Lace up designs tend to be easier to adjust, which is important for wide feet. At the same time, slip on designs work well with narrow feet and may also have an accent (such as sash) that will draw more attention to the shoe.

Don’t forget the heel. A standard heel will tend to work for most situations, especially if the gentleman is average to tall in height. There are slightly thicker heels designed for men who are shorter and wish to appear a little taller. Try the higher heel design for stability and the achievement of a natural gait before purchasing the shoes.