How to Give Your Wife a Big Birthday Surprise

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Birthdays are often exciting occasions when husbands take their wives out for a nice dinner, show, vacation or simple relaxing day at home. While many of these celebrations are planned together, a big birthday surprise can be a fantastic way to spice up your relationship with your wife. Birthday surprises for your wife can range anywhere from a breakfast and morning massage in bed, to a large surprise party thrown in her honor. One thing is certain, surprise birthday celebrations require creativity and secrecy to be successful.

Think about what kinds of activities your wife enjoys the most. If she is more introverted and enjoys small parties, she may like a quiet, intimate surprise more than an extroverted wife. Write down your idea for a birthday surprise.

Call one of your mutual female friends and explain your plan to her. She may have some insight about what your wife may enjoy. Ask her for help if your plan requires your wife to be out of the house, or distracted for some time.

Buy your wife's favorite flowers from a local fresh florist on the morning of her birthday. Call several days ahead of time to make sure your bouquet is ready on her birthday.

Set up your birthday surprise while your wife is out of the house. Bring your fresh flowers in, allow party guests in or make sure your meal is completely ready before your wife comes home.

Surprise your wife as she walks through the door to your home. If you are having a large birthday party, have everyone stay silent with the lights turned out until she opens the door, then all shout "Surprise!" at the same time. If you are having an intimate surprise, allow her to discover your surprise as she walks through the house to find you.