How to Encourage Sunday School Attendance

How to Encourage Sunday School Attendance. Encouraging children to attend Sunday School is easy. Simply make Sunday School fun and an ongoing delight for students and watch them return each week for a new adventure. Use these tips to see your Sunday School attendance numbers increase.

Offer students incentives to arrive to class early. Children love being rewarded for an expertly done activity. Tell your students that you will reward them with special treats if they arrive to class before you do. A delicious, hard-to-find candy will usually do the trick.

Start the class off with games that can result in prize-winning. Children do not usually like to be left out of fun, games and prize-winning. Have your class start with an interactive game that can include anyone who shows up on time. Watch your excited students line up at the door before it even opens.

Devise ongoing projects that need to be added onto with every class meeting. Children love for their input to count on projects and group activities. Publicly acknowledge their specific contributions to the projects verbally or through award-giving.

Encourage students to invite their friends to a class. Reward students for introducing a new student to the class.

Use collectibles as awards. Students will not only enjoy earning them but adding to a collection that they may have already started.

Throw classroom parties on special celebrations. Holidays and birthdays are occasions that children can get excited about and look forward to celebrating with their peers.

Make the Sunday School classroom a warm, friendly environment in which to learn. Children are more apt to want to return to the classroom if it is a place where they feel safe and accepted. Encourage friendships between classmates.