How to Buy a Boyfriend or Girlfriend a Make-Up Gift

How to Buy a Boyfriend or Girlfriend a Make-Up Gift. So, you messed up, and now it is time to make amends. Maybe you forgot a birthday or anniversary or neglected to buy your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift for Valentine's Day. Whatever the case, here's how to buy a boyfriend or girlfriend a make-up gift to say "I'm sorry."

Gauge the extravagance of your gift based on how upset you have made your boyfriend or girlfriend. When it is a major offense, the make-up gift should be appropriately major.

Ask mutual friends about the situation to help gauge how upset your boyfriend or girlfriend is and what an appropriate response might be. It's also nice to get input from somebody with emotional distance.

Consider making your gift offense-specific. If you accidentally spilled red wine on her wedding dress, maybe you could give her an all-white clothes shopping spree.

Make your make-up gift something that will hold personal significance, such as a bouquet of favorite flowers or a CD burned with important songs that you carefully select.

Make your own gift. Create a gift certificate for a night of dancing or write a note promising to cook dinner. These can be more significant than simply buying a gift.

Do not forget to say the actual words, "I'm sorry." Whether you say it in a card, on the gift or with your mouth, this is one of the most crucial aspects of a good make-up gift.