How Do I Wrap a Vacation Voucher As a Gift?

A gift as creative and generous as a vacation should be presented in beautiful packaging. Even though the vacation voucher is a simple piece of paper, the wrapping should reflect the theme of the vacation or the occasion for which the gift is presented. Be creative, and make the recipient question the line of gifts, process or elaborate wrapping that leads up to the vacation voucher.

One Package Wrap

Choose a very special container to wrap the vacation voucher. Select a small jewelry box, hand-carved wooden box or engraved metallic box. If the vacation voucher is a wedding gift, consider having the couple's last initial or last name engraved on the container. Place the wedding voucher in the container with a note and fill the box with souvenirs from the vacation destination. The box will become a keepsake of the trip, as well as the initial vacation gift.

Scavenger Hunt

Make the recipients find their gift. Start by presenting them with a card that gives them their first clue. Write a riddle that leads them to another room. Make them look in cupboards, closets and drawers for additional clues. For a cruise vacation, have the final clue lead them to the bathroom. Fill the bathtub with water and float a child's large boat. Place the vacation voucher on the boat in a metallic envelope that says "Plan to Sail Away!" on the front.

Themed Gift Wrap

Select two small gifts to be presented with the vacation voucher. Choose two new beach towels and a package of sunscreen products, for example, for a beach-themed vacation. Wrap the towels in wrapping paper with a beach, summer or special occasion (wedding, anniversary, birthday) theme. Wrap the sunscreen products in coordinating paper. Place the vacation voucher in a box larger than the two previous packages. Use foam peanuts sprinkled with seashells to fill the box. Place the vacation voucher in a metallic envelope with the recipient's names written on the front. Place the envelope inside the box, and wrap the box with coordinating paper. Layer the three packages with the voucher on the bottom, and have the recipients open them one at a time to keep them guessing what might come next.