Host a S’mores Treasure Hunt for Kids (with Printables!)

When I was a kid, my mom used to make treasure hunts for us and we loved it. She would give us clues that would lead to more clues and finally to a treasure. I continued the tradition with my kids. When they were young, the clues would be hand-drawn pictures since they couldn’t read. As they got older, the clues would be worded. Every time they had a treasure hunt, they would immediately ask me to do another one as soon as the treasure hunt ended. Sometimes there would be one treasure at the end of the hunt and other times they would gather loot at each stop.

I am sharing a s’mores treasure hunt that you can set up for the kids in your life! Start with some plain lunch bags that the kids will use to collect their loot. Print and cut out the treasure hunt labels. Glue them onto the bags using a glue stick. Add a piece of patterned tape for fun. You can download the treasure hunt label here:

Put large marshmallows into small plastic bags and secure them with a twist tie or a piece of patterned tape. You also need chocolate candy bars and graham crackers wrapped in plastic. Make sure there is one for each child.

Next, print out the page of treasure hunt clues and cut them out. I made this printable using stickers at Ribbet. You can download the clues here:

If these clues don’t work for your situation, make some of your own! You can draw simple sketches, write words or even print photos of the places where you will hide the clues. This treasure hunt is really basic but as your kids get older, you can make the clues harder to figure out.

The way the treasure hunt works is that you give the kids the first clue: the car image (or any image you choose to start with). You have to set up the clues and the loot at each stop. So, when the kids look in the car, they will find the treasure hunt loot bags and the next clue: the bed image.

The kids won’t know which bed the next clue will be found on, so they will go from room to room searching. When they do find the right bed, they will also find marshmallows to put into their bags and the next clue: the tree image.

Again, they won’t know which tree is hiding the clue, so they will have to search the yard. Once they find the right tree, the kids will also find graham crackers and the fourth clue: the grill image.

On the grill, will be chocolate candy bars and the final clue: the broom image.

And when they find the broom, they will also find s’mores sticks.

Once all of the clues have been found and the loot gathered, build a fire to toast marshmallows and make the s’mores!

Image Credits: Tonia Larson