Good Random Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

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Holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas and birthdays are opportunities to show your boyfriend that you care about him with a thoughtful gift. However, you aren’t limited to those days of the year when it comes to gift-giving. Sometimes a gift means even more when it comes on a day when the recipient least expects it. Surprise your boyfriend on a seemingly random day of the year with thoughtful gifts that show you care.

Old Trunk

If you enjoy finding a good bargain on previously used items with character and your boyfriend does too, surprise him with a restored suitcase or trunk. Find an old suitcase that’s unique in color, shape or appearance but also well-made and in good working condition (you don’t want to give him a piece of junk). Clean the suitcase and search for bumper stickers and band stickers of groups he likes and foods, sayings or places he enjoys. Arrange the stickers on the outside of the suitcase in an interesting fashion. Pack the suitcase with clothes, toiletries and two tickets to a music festival or other event that you and your boyfriend can attend and enjoy together.

Digital Photo Keychain

Is your boyfriend getting ready to go on a long business trip or be deployed? When you’re getting ready to face a lengthy time apart, surprise your boyfriend with a digital photo key chain loaded with pictures of you two enjoying time together, favorite memories and photos of his favorite things and places. He’ll enjoy the thoughtful reminder of home while the two of you are apart.

Old Books

If you and your boyfriend share a love for poetry, literature or history, root around used book stores in your town until you find a tattered copy of Shakespearean sonnets or old poetry. If you like books, but not the old sort, download a book of love letters or a collection of works by a poet you enjoy to his electronic book reader, if he has one. If you give him a book of love poems on Valentine's Day it wouldn’t be random, but if you surprise him with your gift on a warm August night when he’s not expecting it, it shows initiative, care and thoughtfulness on your part.

Some Fun

Surprise your boyfriend with a fun little game such as Jenga, a deck of cards or a board game that you know he enjoys such as Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly. Pair the game with a few shot, wine or beer glasses and a bottle of your favorite beverage (even if that beverage is root beer). Give it to him one night that you have planned to spend time together, say going out to dinner and a movie. Wrap the game and other items in a simple bag and when he shows up to pick you up and head out, tell him there’s been a change of plans. Present the gift and suggest that you spend the evening in, enjoying a little fun and friendly competition.