Gifts for an 8 to 10-Year-Old Girl

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It can be difficult purchasing a gift that an 8 to 10-year-old girl can enjoy. Some educational gifts encourage the girl to learn about her passions and interests. Some gifts are entertaining and they permit the girl to celebrate a special occasion. When purchasing a gift, buy something that shows your love and affection.


Bilingual books, such as "My Abuelita" by Tony Johnston, encourage the girl to expand her vocabulary and learn a new language. Some books, including "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell, show the girl that other children can feel left out. This book is appropriate for a girl who has trouble fitting in with school mates since it is about a girl lost on an island alone.


Tween and preteen girls appreciate gifts that are entertaining. Board games can be educational and they permit the girl to enjoy a family game night. Give the girl some of her favorite movies on Blu-ray so she can enjoy a clear picture. Or buy her a few movie tickets so she can take some friends out to a movie. Concerts can be entertaining although a parent should accompany the girl and her friends.


Some girls can appreciate a subscription to an educational magazine, such as magazines about creative writing or animals. Magazines show the girl that reading can be enjoyable when she reads about something that interests her. Or get the girl a subscription to Netflix, a service that streams movies and permits movie rentals to be shipped to your door.


An 8 to 10-year-old girl is old enough to take care of a pet. Rescue a puppy or kitten from a kennel. Just double check that the girl has no allergies. A girl who is allergic to pet dander should be fine with a non-allergenic dog, such as a Yorkshire Terrier. Alternatively, get a small pet, such as a rabbit or a hamster. The girl can learn responsibility by changing her pet's food and cleaning its cage.