Gifts for a First-time Grandmother

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The birth of a baby is just as exciting for a new grandmother as it is for the baby's parents. If a friend of yours is becoming a grandmother for the first time, buy her something special to mark the occasion. Go for something she'll look at for years to come and remember that she got it in the days after becoming a grandmother.

Picture Frame

Buy a new grandmother a picture frame. Find one that's personalized for grandmothers, such as a frame that says "My First Grandchild" across the top, or something else. Choose a silver frame, or something that will look nice for years to come. If the baby is already born, go ahead and insert a photo of the grandmother and baby into the frame.


Select a piece of jewelry like a locket to mark the birth of her first grandchild. Choose one that's large enough for a small photo. Get a photo of the baby, if he's been born, and place it inside. You can also have the locket monogrammed with the new baby's initials. Another way to go is to choose a piece of jewelry that features the new baby's birthstone.

Rocking Chair

Grandmothers who will be spending a lot of time babysitting her new grandchild will appreciate this gift. Buy her a rocking chair or glider she can use to soothe the baby to sleep. It may have been a number of years since she had another baby around the house, so she might not have a chair like this anymore. Buy one that fits her sense of style and home decor.


If she lives far away from her child and new grandchild, help her communicate with them with a new computer. If she isn't too computer savvy, help her set up an email account and learn to send and receive photos. An account with an Internet phone provider is another idea.


Make a calendar for the new grandmother. National retail chains with photo centers have software that will help you do this. Get 13 photos of the new baby and select one for each month. If you have one of the baby with its new grandmother, use that one for the cover. If you're the baby's parent and want to go all out with this idea, tailor the photos for each month. For example, dress her in a Christmas outfit for December, a swimsuit for June and a costume for October.