Gifts for a 15-Year Anniversary

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Whether you and your spouse are celebrating 15 years of marriage or you have close friends or family members approaching that landmark, focus your gift-buying efforts on gifts that directly relate to the couple's 15 years together. You can take a traditional approach, change things up with something a little more modern, or get creative with a gift that ties into the achievement.

Gifts That Sparkle

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To stay traditional with your gift idea, opt for something made of crystal. A pair of crystal champagne flutes, a vase engraved with the anniversary date or jewelry, such as a necklace, earrings or bracelet, are all suitable ideas with a traditional focus. Buy a crystal tree ornament if the anniversary takes place around the holidays or crystal serving glasses or plates. If you or the couple is keen on bling-style home decor, look for a sparkly chandelier.

"Time"-Sensitive Ideas

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Timepieces are the present-day gift for those celebrating a 15th anniversary, and this subject matter presents you with a number of options. For the tech-savvy person, buy a smart watch; for the couple who enjoys dressing formally, opt for a designer watch and have the back engraved. A wall clock that matches your home or the couple's home is a gift that has lasting appeal, while a waterproof watch is ideal for someone who enjoys adventure sports.

Gifts That Keep Giving

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Gift cards are an ideal present to receive from your spouse and those around you alike and can work effectively with the 15-year theme. Buy 15 small-denomination gift cards that help to partially pay for 15 separate date ideas. For example, buy a gift card to a movie theater, museum, coffee shop, shopping mall, restaurant or home furnishings store. Although the small amount you put on the card won't pay for the entire date, it gives the couple -- you and your spouse or another couple -- a ready-made night out.

15-Themed Gifts

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Play up the 15-year theme with anything that you can reasonably give in multiples of 15. Bake 15 cupcakes and decorate them with "H.A." to represent "happy anniversary"; buy 15 bottles of microbrew beer; or, when shopping for your spouse, buy and download 15 of her favorite songs from throughout your marriage and make a playlist to enjoy together. Or, visit a thrift shop with your spouse and buy the best shirt or jacket you can find for $15.