Gift Ideas for a Wife of 30 Years

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No matter what the occasion, get your wife of 30 years something special. Choosing a gift based on the season might narrow your choices and give her something she can use immediately. Alternatively, a gift that reminds her of your years together and all that you share can bring a smile.

30-Year Gifts

The traditional gift for 30 years is a pearl or diamond, according to Give her pearl jewelry with one pearl for each year or a diamond for each child. A mother of pearl grooming set reminds her how beautiful she is and will look attractive on her vanity. A band with a diamond or birthstone for each child expresses the eternity and union of your love. You can find a ring in almost any price range.

Spring Service

After 30 years of matrimony, surprise your wife with practical service gifts in the spring. Give her 30 new plants for her garden and a gift certificate for a landscaping service to plant them. Give her 30 hours of maid service to get her spring cleaning completed. Fill a flower-themed photo album with pictures of 30 years of shared memories and promises of more memories to come.

Summer Family Celebrations

If it is summer and the grandchildren are free from school, send her to see them or bring them to your home. Before she leaves, send her to the spa for a day of pampering and skin care to help her look as beautiful as she did when you married her 30 years ago. Alternatively, buy her favorite spa products if she prefers to do her own skin care. Give her a gift membership to the gym so that she can stay in shape and keep up with the grandchildren.

Colorful Fall Gifts

As fall approaches, it is time to turn your gift ideas to colorful pallets. Accessorize her kitchen with colorful tableware, appliance covers and table decorations so everything is perfect when the family gathers for Thanksgiving. Purchase a 30-month subscription for food or drink-of-the-month services to provide treats she won’t have to make herself.

Winter Warmth

The cold weather can chill your lovely wife as she ages, so consider personal gifts of warmth. She'll appreciate an attractive pocket scarf or a lap throw. Gloves and a matching scarf also make attractive gifts. Give a holiday gift to her favorite charity with an amount in multiples of 30 to celebrate each year you have shared together.