Gift Ideas for Two Year Old Twin Boys

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Two-year-olds have finally reached the age when they are more interested in what's inside the package than the box itself. Buying a gift for two-year-old twins can be a way for you to provide them with an item that they will treasure forever. By recognizing their unique personalities and their preferences, you can score the perfect gift this season.


Kids that have access to books at an early age typically grow to love reading for the rest of their lives. Board books make great gifts for toddlers that may still be biting books. Hard, electronic books read stories to the boys while they follow along.

Music Toys

Toddlers love to jam out. Two-year-old boys like toys that play music, such as recognized characters that have built-in music featuring the likes of Elmo or Mickey Mouse. Toy drums, guitars and flutes are also appropriate gifts for young boys. A rubber accordion provides a safe and colorful toy for the boys to use. You can also buy the pair a toy CD player or a set of kid CDs.

Educational Toys

It's never too early to start teaching kids basic skills, like letter and number recognition. You can purchase toy robots for the boys featuring electronic features that count and say numbers. You can also buy each boy a toy laptop or computer. LeapPad makes a learning center that is geared specifically toward toddlers. You can also get a stationary bike that doubles as a learning tool for the active twins.

Other Toys

Toddlers love toys that let them run free without confining them. Pull-along toys are great for this age group. You can purchase one toy for one boy and a toy with another design for the other boy. Ride-on toys are popular favorites. Outdoor toys, such as a plastic play set or a sand or water table are also great for active boys. Boys have loved toy cars for generations. Some wooden toy cars are safer and don't have small parts that are dangerous for 2-year-olds.

Imagination Inspirations

Toddlers are starting to develop a better understanding of the world around them. Gifts that inspire their imagination become some of their favorite possessions. Another benefit of these types of gifts is that you can often purchase one item that both twins can use. Some examples are a play fort, art sets or a puppet theater and matching puppets.You can also get them a coordinating set of art smocks to use during their artistic times.


Music, stories and colorful characters often appeal to toddlers. DVDs that feature these elements are often a hit. Baby Einstein and VeggieTales are two series that toddler boys enjoy. The Gruffalo and Winnie the Pooh have made it on Common Sense Media's list of holiday gift ideas. You can also try an educational video game system built for toddlers.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts for each twin highlight the uniqueness of each child. Some options are a personalized CD with favorite songs, personalized baby blankets, picture frames with the child's name on them or plaster kits for the children's hands.